ohh, you fancy huhh?

appetizing. tasty. delicious. teasing. food.

None of these pictures taken are mine, but they should have a click-through link to the original creator.

They are just for me to drool over and to share with other people. ;D

** It really wasn't my intention, but thanks for following! It means a lot to me! : )

mhmm and the reason why I don't follow back is simply because this is part of my personal tumblr, and if i follow you it would be my personal tumblr following you. this is also why i dont post on other people's tumblr's because it would show up as my personal tumblr posting on it, and you might get confused haha. **

I've mostly just put up pictures of desserts haha, because they look so yummy, but if you have any specific types of food you wanna see more of, just let me know!

Looking for other cute food blogs?

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Posted: Mon February 13th, 2012 at 10:34pm
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